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A Message From the Executive Director

I always like this time of year. It is crazy, it is busy, but it is reflective.  I always take a moment to look back and reflect on what California Women Lead has done and what we are planning for the future.


During this time of year, I ask myself, and the board of directors – Is the mission of California Women Lead still relevant?  Is what we do still important?  Are we making a difference?  I am not someone to do something to just do it.  I don’t like to do things to just “go through the motions.”  Time is just as valuable as money and I want to make sure what California Women Lead does is relevant, it is important, it is making a difference.  And then it happens – I receive a card, an email, a phone call.  A member tells me she decided to run for office after attending a California Women LEADership Academy, they have applied for an appointment after attending one of our trainings or they just got a call that they are being asked to serve on an appointed board.  Most importantly, I am inspired by all of the women, and men, who are part of the California Women Lead family as members who support our mission to ENGAGE EMPOWER ELECT.  You are the reason we are growing, you are the reason we are able to be successful, you are the reason why we continue to reach women in all parts of California with the inspiration to be active members in civic participation.


As 2017 comes to a close there is much to discuss.  The #MeToo movement may consume much of 2018 – what impact will that have for women in politics, women in business, women in general?  How can we work together, across party lines and differing viewpoints, to support women collectively as we navigate a post #MeToo world?  As California looks to elect a new governor, what will their position be on including women in their administration?  Will they commit to the same level of participation as Governor Brown?  Will they be as welcoming and helpful as the current administration when it comes to women becoming involved in the appointments process?  How will the State Legislature tackle issues of sexual harassment in the political arena?  And, 2018 is an election year.  Will it be another “Year of the Woman?” Will we see more women elected to office at the local and state level?  What can California Women Lead do in 2018 to support our members, our mission and women in leadership?


We have a lot on our plate for 2018 and because of members like you, who finically support our mission, I know we will make a difference and have an impact for women in leadership in California, and beyond!  As I reflect on my question of is the mission of California Women Lead relevant, it is an easy one to answer – YES!  Our work, the work of women who founded this organization over 40 years ago, is far from done.  THANK YOU for being a part of our rich history, for being part of our exciting future and for supporting our mission to inspire women to be leaders in their community and state – we could not do it without your partnership and support!


Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2018!


In leadership,


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