About California Women Lead

Imagine five or ten years from now, a California with dynamic, trained, viable, ethical women leaders running for local and state offices with a far-reaching effect on local and state issues that affect all Californians. Imagine a California where appointed boards and commissions at the local and state levels are reflective of California’s rich diversity. This is the mission of California Women Lead.

As California’s largest nonpartisan association of women leaders, California Women Lead provides a positive environment for women involved in public policy to discuss issues and develop relationships across party lines.  

California Women Lead is about the astonishing power of community and the difference women can make it. It's also not just about gender parity at our local and state offices, but having California’s decision-making boards and commissions reflective of California communities, so that all Californians truly feel that they are represented and their issues addressed. In that, the members of California Women Lead represent a wide variety of ages, professional backgrounds and geographical areas and California Women Lead continues to make a difference for women across the state and provide them with the inspiration to be the leaders we know they have the potential to become.

Through California Women Lead’s programs to ENGAGEEMPOWERELECT, California Women Lead has trained thousands of women on how to apply for and obtain appointments at the state and local level. During the 2010 election cycle, California Women Lead led the California Women’s State Appointments Project which resulted in forwarding over 1,300 names and applications of women interested in serving in the new administration in appointed office. Thousands of women have attended California Women Lead’s campaign leadership trainings and made the decision to run for elected office. Women who never thought they could serve in elected and appointed office are now leaders in their communities and attribute their success to the support of the California Women Lead network.  

California Women Lead continues to strive for parity for California’s women in elected and appointed office - women still represent LESS THAN 30 PERCENT of seats at the county, state and federal level. It is clear that more work needs to be done. California Women Lead continues to work with all of California’s women to help them realize their leadership potential and get involved.  




California Women Lead is a nonpartisan, 501c3 association and as such does not endorse nor contribute money to individual candidates or to political campaigns.