Member Spotlight

We are pleased to highlight California Women Lead member Rondi Werner, candidate for Glendale Community College Board of Trustees! 


California Women Lead does not endorse nor contribute money to political candidates.



Rondi Werner


- Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA)

- President, Adams Hill Neighborhood Association

- Vice President, Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council





What inspired you to run for the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees?


I value community colleges as a means of lifting families out of poverty and providing affordable higher education to people of all backgrounds and ages. I am a product of the public education system from kindergarten through university (UCLA) and I believe that public colleges should be as high quality and accessible as possible. I hope to use my degree in Communication Studies to improve engagement between the college and the surrounding community to connect more people to the opportunity to achieve their goals through education.


What does leadership mean to you?


I view leadership as an opportunity to drive positive change through thoughtful action. For women in particular, it is often an outward expression of compassion for others.


You have extensive community service experience. How has it shaped you as a leader?


Community service requires walking in the shoes of those I serve and has made me more compassionate.  Serving diverse populations has also made me more culturally aware. Volunteering has also strengthened my problem solving skills and made me a better listener and more effective committee member.  


Why do you believe it is important for women to get involved in their community and/or run for elected office?


Women often enter public service to make a difference in their communities without asking what they personally stand to gain. Women are also more likely to adopt policies that favor public benefit over financial profit.


What is one obstacle you have faced in your professional career, and how did you overcome it?


As a liberal arts major in a male dominated theme park design/construction industry, my views were not always taken seriously. I addressed this issue by earning an advanced certification as a Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) through the Construction Specifications Institute. That program enabled me to speak more authoritatively in the language of the construction industry and earn the respect of my colleagues.


What is one thing your colleagues may not know about you?


I have a twin sister. I recently brought her to my 20-year service award banquet and several colleagues congratulated her thinking she was me. Fortunately my sister and I are outgoing and always enjoy a friendly hug or handshake!