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California Women in Elected Office 2018 Election Report

November, 2018 - California Women Lead has released its latest report, California Women in Elected Office 2018 Election Report, following Tuesday's election. Election night 2018 proved, nationally, to be a great year for women. Record numbers of women were elected to serve in Congress, and in California, we elected our first woman to serve as Lieutenant Governor.

The turnout of women as contenders in state elections this cycle was promising, but going into the June primary, women were again outnumbered as candidates by at least four-to-one. The June 2018 primary results placed some women in prime positions to win in November, but eliminated many from the final race, further narrowing the number of women candidates, even though we have an increased number of women on the November ballot. The question remains - Was 2018 the next "Year of the Woman?"